Semiconductors are to the information age what engines are to the industrial age. Chips are the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and the fractional horsepower engine rolled up into one. The Chip History Center is dedicated to preserving that history for future generations.

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This virtual museum of semiconductor history is built on the unique combination of TechInsights' library, the deep knowledge of its analysts from around the globe with 100’s of years of experience, TechInsights' centricity in Silicon Valley’s lifestyle and culture of innovation, and its unparalleled network that stretched deep into the IC manufacturing industry. It would start with some of the earliest events, such as the invention of The Field Effect Transistor (FET) in 1925 by Julius E. Lilienfeld in 1925 — yes that’s right 1925! While William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain often credited with the invention of the transistor, they actually only discovered it as it had been invented 22 years earlier.

Since 2004, The Chip History Center has been able to provide easy-to-access and free information to researchers, historians, and educators with its Time Lines, Exhibits, and collections centered around the products and companies who have been at the center of this transformation.

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